How Do You Prepare for a Dental Cleaning?

Part of keeping your oral health on track involves scheduling regular dental cleanings! Professional dental cleanings are important for a number of reasons. In addition to keeping your pearly whites healthy and bright, professional dental cleanings provide a deeper cleaning than you’ll be able to achieve at home.

Your Calgary Dentist will also be able to diagnose and treat minor oral health concerns before they progress into serious issues. While professional dental cleanings are routine, there are a few things you should know before your next appointment. Are you ready for your next dental cleaning? Keep reading for a few tips to get your teeth clean enough to impress your dentist at your next appointment!

How Do You Prepare for a Dental Cleaning?

If it’s your first appointment with us at Canyon Dental, we’re excited to meet you! We love welcoming new patients into our dental family. Getting started is easy.  We recommend heading to our ‘New Patient Form’ page on our site to fill out a medical history and dental history PDF.

Whether it’s your first or hundred-and-first appointment with us, we also recommend telling our dental team of your current health status. This vital information provides important clues to evaluate your oral health. Please let us know what conditions you may have and any medications you are taking for them. Better yet, bring a medication list. We would also appreciate a quick review of any recent surgeries.

Medical conditions can influence oral health. For example, gastroesophageal reflux disease can give rise to increased cavities due to higher acidity. Diabetes is a huge factor in periodontal (gum) disease. Maintaining these conditions help you keep you and your mouth healthy.

Is it Okay to Eat Before a Dental Appointment?

Are you fasting before your dental appointments? Skipping meals before a dental appointment seems to be common practice. However, the benefits of doing this are actually a myth. In fact, it’s recommended to eat before seeing your dentist. If you’ve been fasting all day, it could lead to lightheadedness and even anxiety. If your body is properly nourished before heading to the dental chair, it can help you relax and fight off any anxiety. However, we do recommend you brush and floss after your meal, whether you’re headed to a dental appointment or not!

Can I Eat After Dental Cleaning?

After your dental appointment there is one quintessential thing you shouldn’t forget to do; schedule your next appointment! It’s important to see your dentist a minimum of twice a year to maintain your oral hygiene.

Many patients wonder whether they can eat after their dental cleaning. If you’ve received a fluoride treatment, you may want to wait at least 30 minutes after your cleaning. Waiting gives the fluoride treatment enough time to seal around your teeth. If you didn’t receive fluoride, you’re safe to eat immediately after your appointment. However, we recommend sticking to soft, mild foods like bananas, yogurt, hard-boiled eggs or apple sauce. It’s common to experience some sensitivity after having your teeth cleaned, meaning spicy foods, sugary or sticky foods or anything high in acidic content may cause discomfort.

Dental Cleanings at Canyon Dental in Calgary

Here at Canyon Dental, we’ve been providing dental care to families in Calgary for over two decades. We’re always welcoming new patients and would be happy to welcome you into our dental family. Our team strives to always find a solution to any issue that you may have. We accept insurance plans directly and will modify services for your unique budget. If you require attention outside of our offerings, we have strong relationships with the top health professionals in Calgary for referrals options. We can’t wait to greet you with a smile!

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