Oral Surgery and Wisdom Teeth Extraction: What to Expect

Erupting third molars or wisdom teeth can wreak havoc on your smile, even if they are coming in perfectly straight. Many people simply don’t have enough room in their jaw to accommodate four more giant molars in their early twenties. Dr. Sandy Crocker is one of the most experienced oral surgeons in the Okanagan. Discover more about oral surgery and wisdom teeth extraction, what to expect below:

  • Wisdom Teeth Removal Anesthesia
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftermath
  • Wisdom Teeth Removal Recovery Tips

Wisdom Teeth Removal Consultation

Dr. Sandy Crocker and the caring team on Springfield Road invite you to book your oral surgery consultation. After reviewing X-Rays and your medical history, we will discuss your personal treatment plan. We will explain which types of sedation are available and make a recommendation. Some clients opt for conscious IV Sedation and others may consider oral sedation. Feel secure knowing that you will remain comfortable and relaxed throughout your procedure regardless. We recommend having someone drive you to and from our clinic on the day of your procedure and will provide you with complete pre and post-operative care instructions. Educating our dental clients on what to expect, what issues may arise and how to facilitate the best healing environment is a large component of the consultation visit. We are happy to answer questions regarding any aspect of the procedure and wisdom teeth removal cost etc. Ensuring our clients have all of the information ahead of time is something our clinic is passionate about.


Wisdom Teeth Removal Procedure

As questions and concerns were addressed during your consultation, surgery day is organized and relaxed. We are prepared ahead of time in the event the root of the wisdom tooth is situated close to a facial nerve or impacted and trying to grow in sideways or crookedly. You will feel so much relief once the  tremendous pressure on the jaw or surrounding molars is surgically addressed. Untreated wisdom teeth can erupt and cause misalignment of existing teeth. Some clients may experience eruption at different times and choose to have one or two wisdom teeth removed as they come in, while others may take all four in one sitting.

Education Reduces Dental Anxiety

Reviewing X-Rays and answering your questions and concerns ensures everyone is on the same page so there are no surprises. For example, some people’s wisdom teeth need to be cut into pieces to be removed. We often have an indication if this may be necessary when we look at the X-Rays. When clients know what to expect ahead of time, there is often less dental anxiety. Once the extraction is complete, gauze will be used to initiate clotting and help stop the bleeding. It is vital to understand the dangers of dry socket and how necessary it is to allow the clotting process to occur. When clients understand they will need to deal with the taste of blood in their mouth temporarily, it is much less alarming.


Wisdom Teeth Removal Aftermath

Knowing how to care for your mouth after surgery can help ensure your wisdom teeth extraction is a positive experience. We recommend booking your surgery during some holidays or when you can rest and not have to worry about travel or speaking. Avoiding sucking motions with your mouth from smoking, drinking through a straw etc. is an important part of your healing process. It is possible to remove a clot this way and open up your wounds for potential bacterial invasion. Having soft foods on hand such as soups, puddings, oatmeal and items you can eat with a spoon is a great way to encourage healing.

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Wisdom teeth are unique.Know the facts about wisdom teeth extraction, what to expect, how to cope and set yourself up for surgery success with Dr. Sandy Crocker in Kelowna.

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