Regenerate, Bioactivate Treating Patients in the 21st Century

Today’s dental materials and technology can predictably regenerate and remineralize lost oral structures.

Bioactive minimally invasive dentistry is the proactive way to treat patients and what they are demanding.


  • Incorporate remineralization therapies and bioactive restorative materials into your practice; know what to use and where
  • Eliminate sensitivity and treat xerostomia effectively and easily
  • Incorporate the minimally invasive “Perimeter Prep” and other simple predictable patient friendly techniques for operative success with flowables
  • Diagnose and evaluate perio treatment with a scientific medical approach
  • Use lasers to keep perio in your practice and promote tissue repair and healing

Dr Fay Goldstep has lectured nationally and internationally on Proactive/Minimal Intervention Dentistry, Soft-Tissue Lasers, Electronic Caries Detection, Healing Dentistry and Innovations in Hygiene. She has served on the teaching faculties of the postgraduate programmes in Aesthetic Dentistry at SUNY Buffalo, University of Florida, University of Minnesota and University of Missouri-Kansas City.


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