What Causes a Bad Bite? Jaw Alignment FAQs

Having a misaligned bite can be a real pain in the neck, literally. It can also cause a range of oral health issues including tension headaches, neck pain and even trouble speaking and eating. Here at New Look, we’ve helped diagnose and treat many misaligned bites to help patients relieve the tension and feel and look their best! If you’ve ever wondered “what causes a bad bite?” or “How do I know if my jaw is misaligned?”, you’re in luck. Our team has compiled some of the most common jaw alignment questions we are asked. Keep reading to learn more.

What is an Abnormal Bite? 

Here at New Look Dental, we get asked by many patients “what causes a bad bite?”. First, you may be wondering “What is an abnormal bite?”.  An abnormal bite occurs when your upper and lower teeth don’t fit together correctly. This misalignment can cause a range of issues with your teeth, jaw and overall well-being. An abnormal bite, also known as malocclusion, could be from crowded teeth, an overbite, crossbite, open bite or underbite. Ideally, your upper and lower teeth should fit together without any spaces or crowding issues. 

What Causes a Bad Bite?  

You may be wondering “what causes a bad bite?”. Typically, a misaligned jaw may be from genetics. If other members of your family have experienced malocclusion, you may be more likely to have it. However, there are occasions where an individual has a misaligned bite from other causes. Other causes that may contribute to a bad bite include:  

  • Abnormally shaped or impacted teeth 
  • Injuries that affect the jaw  
  • Enlarged tonsils or adenoids 
  • Chronic thumb-sucking, pacifier use or bottle feeding in early childhood 
  • Poor oral care 

New-Look-Dental-West-Kelowna What is An Abrnormal Bite?

What Should Your Bite Look Like?

If you’re wondering what your bite should look like, ideally, your teeth should fit together without any spacing or crowding issues. Your upper front teeth should overlap your bottom teeth ever so slightly to allow your molars’ pointed ridges to fit into the groves of the molars opposite to them. Deviations from this is considered a misaligned bite.  

How Do I Know if My Jaw is Misaligned?  

A misaligned jaw can cause a range of symptoms and concerns for your oral health. If you’re wondering, “How do I know if my jaw is misaligned?”, here are a few of the signs and symptoms that indicate a malocclusion:  

  • Teeth are improperly aligned  
  • A “click” in your jaw when chewing or opening your mouth  
  • Experiencing frequent headaches, especially when you wake up  
  • Biting of the inner cheeks and/or tongue, sometimes while you’re sleeping  
  • Constant feeling of tension in your jaw  
  • Difficulty or discomfort biting or chewing 

Can a Bad Bite Cause Neck Pain? 

Having a misaligned jaw causes a range of oral health issues, and if bad enough, can cause headaches, neck pain, and jaw pain. If you’re experiencing tension headaches and neckaches, it may be from a misaligned jaw. However, if you’re unsure if you have a misaligned jaw, we recommend booking an appointment with your Kelowna Dentist. Dental experts, like the team at New Look, will be able to properly diagnose your jaw and help you find a personalized solution to ease your jaw tension and align your bite properly.  

New-Look-Dental-West-Kelowna | What Causes a Bad Bite?Can A Dentist Adjust Your Bite?  

Typically, when a patient discovers the have a misaligned jaw, one of their first questions is “can a dentist adjust my bite?”. The specific solution for re-aligning one’s bite will vary depending on the specifics of your individual bite. At New Look, we’ve helped many patients find relief by re-aligning their bite.  

What is a Bite Adjustment Procedure? 

After receiving consultation on their bite, you’ll likely be wondering “What is a bite adjustment procedure?”. If you’re working with the team here at New Look, we’ll create a jaw alignment treatment plan as personalized as your smile. We’ll assess the root causes of the misalignment, and what work needs to be done to align your jaw. Treatment could range from braces or Six Month Smiles to correct the position of the teeth, to the removal of teeth if there is overcrowding, and possibly the use of appliances to help adjust your teeth and jaw position.  

Bite Adjustment at New Look: West Kelowna Dentist  

If you’re experiencing the signs and symptoms of a misaligned jaw mentioned, the good news is, we can help you find relief from the tension and start aligning your jaw. If you think you may have a misaligned jaw, we recommend making an appointment with your Kelowna Dentist as soon as possible to start working towards a solution. The longer dental issues such as a misaligned jaw are left, the worse they can become with time. If you’ve been putting off dental treatment due to financial reasons, contact Shelley, our New Patient & Treatment Coordinator. Shelley meets with every patient one-on-one to help you understand your options, explain benefits, insurance, and our financing option, PayBright.  

With our financing plan, we don’t charge our patients interest on their dental procedures, so the initial quoted cost won’t turn into a much larger expense. There is no required down payment, which means you don’t have to worry about saving up before your procedure. We offer payment plans for 12-months, which means you have an entire year to budget and pay for your dental services. You can also pay in full at any time. We do not require a down payment or minimum deductible.  

If you’re wondering “what causes a bad bite?” or would like to find out if you have a misaligned jaw or would like more information on symptoms, treatments or anything else, don’t hesitate to contact our office. We’d be happy to help you achieve your best smile!  

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