Why You Should Contact Your Emergency Dentist at Kaizen Dental

Why You Should Contact Your Emergency Dentist at Kaizen Dental
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  It’s always important to be prepared for a dental emergency. A chipped dislodged or knocked out tooth can provide an opening for cavities since the open area is hard to keep clean. At Kaizen, we offer emergency dental care and our emergency dentist will be available as soon as possible to help with your dental emergency.

What To Do in a Dental Emergency

If you’re involved in an accident that chips, dislodges or even knocks out a tooth, you may be in shock. However, the first step is to stay calm and follow these steps compiled by our emergency dentist to ensure the best outcome for your oral health.

Chipped Tooth:

If experience trauma to your teeth that causes one or more teeth to chip or break, the first step is to save and rinse the pieces that have been dislodged with warm water. Then, rinse your mouth with warm water and apply gauze to any areas that are bleeding. Once the bleeding stops, apply a cold compress. You should get in to see your Richmond Dentist as soon as possible.

Dislodged Tooth:

If you’re involved in an accident that partially dislodges your tooth, put a cold compress on the area immediately to decrease swelling, and get to your emergency dentist as soon as possible.

Knocked Out Tooth:

If you completely lose one of your teeth, there is a chance your dentist will be able to place it back in your mouth. You may want to rinse it if it’s dirty, but don’t scrub it to preserve tissue. If you can, place the tooth back in place if it goes easily. If you can’t, put your lost tooth in milk or water with a bit of salt and bring it to your emergency dentist. Teeth have the best chance of being reinserted successfully by your emergency dentist within the first 10 minutes they came out, after 2 hours, the chances aren’t high. So don’t delay in calling your dentist as soon as possible.

Severe Tooth Pain:

Severe tooth pain is also considered a dental emergency. In the event you experience sudden severe tooth pain, contact your Richmond dental emergency clinicas soon as possible. At Kaizen, we’ll be able to determine the solution to your tooth pain based on the severity and cause of the pain.

Kaizen Emergency Dentist Services

Being prepared for a dental emergency can benefit your oral health. If you experience a dental emergency, contact Kaizen Dental asap. We’ll provide our fastest service possible to make sure you are scheduled as soon as possible. With our state of the art equipment and talented dental staff, we’ll have you pain-free and smiling again in no time.

Contact Kaizen Dental as soon as possible for emergency dental services.

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